Colima XL Mexican Chimenea in Natural Terracotta - Perfect Patio
Colima XL Mexican Chimenea in Natural Terracotta - Perfect Patio

Colima XL Mexican Chimenea in Natural Terracotta

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Embrace the timeless beauty of a genuine Mexican chimenea. The Colima's smooth, natural clay design adds warmth and charm to any setting.

Its efficient design and heat-radiating clay ensure cozy comfort without the need for roaring fires.


Size: Extra Large (55cm length. 55cm width. 125cm height.)
Weight: upwards of 50kg
Recommendation: Ideal for medium/large gardens.


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Colima XL Mexican Chimenea in Natural Terracotta - Perfect Patio

Colima XL Mexican Chimenea in Natural Terracotta

£219.99 £279.99
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🇲🇽 Made in Mexico
Hand crafted by skilled artisans
High-quality heat resistant clay, kiln-fired for durability
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Rice
Excellant, best on the market

This chimnia is great for all the scrap wood that you generate from diy and dead wood from the garden and produces lots of heat and a pleasure to sit around. Recomend this one.

Excellent service

Delivered as promised and left on the drive with the packaging taken away and a photo sent for confirmation. Very impressed!

Roger Ford
Great chimenea

Nice to have one in natural terracotta, without decoration. Works very well, easy to light.

alistair paddison
Great product and comms!

Excellent product and quality.

Full description & Specs

The Colima: Authentic Mexican Charm & Effortless Warmth

Experience the simple beauty and effortless function of a genuine Mexican chimenea. Crafted in Mexico with traditional techniques, the Colima's smooth, unadorned clay form celebrates the natural material and centuries of design knowledge.

Ambiance & Efficiency Combined

Enjoy the mesmerizing glow and radiant warmth of the Colima chiminea, designed for efficient burning that leaves minimal ash. Its heat-absorbing clay acts as a natural radiator, extending cozy comfort throughout your patio – perfect for intimate gatherings or finding a sense of solo tranquility on cooler evenings.

Ready to Enjoy

This extra-large chiminea comes complete with a stand and clay lid, requiring no assembly. Its timeless terracotta finish blends seamlessly into any outdoor décor, making it the perfect centerpiece for your haven.

The Gardeco Difference

The Colima carries the Gardeco brand, ensuring quality craftsmanship and excellent burning function. Embrace the authentic beauty and effortless warmth of this Mexican tradition.

  • Mexican chimenea, made in Mexico
  • Smooth design
  • Extra-large size
  • Burns wood leaves hardly any ashes
  • Clay absorbs heat and acts as a radiator
  • Complete with stand and clay lid
  • No assembly required
  • Natural terracotta
  • Size (Including stand) D 55cm x H 125cm
  • Brand: Gardeco


Why Choose Real & Authentic Mexican Chimineas?

  • Effortless Lighting: Their unique design, perfected over centuries in Central America, ensures quick and easy fire starting.
  • Efficient Heat: Special heat-resistant clay absorbs and radiates warmth, providing cozy comfort without a wasteful, roaring fire.
  • Handcrafted Heritage: Each chimenea is carefully molded and kiln-fired, carrying the legacy of generations of Mexican artisans.


How heavy are your Clay Chimineas?

Our Clay Chimineas are well made & are quite heavy! See our size comparison below:

Medium: upwards 35kg

Large: upwards of 45kg

Extra Large: upwards of 50kg

What fuel can be used?

Wood burns with air from above but charcoal needs air from underneath to burn properly.

Mexican and clay Chimeneas work best with wood for that reason, although we have used them with charcoal successfully too.

Can I leave outside it all year round?

If you want to leave your Chimenea outside, we recommend buying a cover to help protect it. Add a high quality cover when purchasing and get 40% off.

Do they need assembling?

Clay Chimeneas need no assembling, they come finished and ready to use. Place the stand on your patio, lift the Chimenea carefully into position and place sand or lava stones in the bottom. It’s ready to go!

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